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CERTIFIED COLORS!   Custom Tattoo by Suksan  'Kai' Premkrasin

I'm a full-hearted (graduated) artist with tattooing experience in Asia and Europe for over two decades! 

Art has been a part of me since my early studies. Creating art on the human body and the art of tattoos have always been of special interest to me. 

1991 - 1995 College of Fine Arts / Bangkok 

1995 - 1999 Studies of Fine Arts in Bangkok 

2005 - 2009 Tattoo artist at my studio in Munich, Germany 

2009 - now  Tattoo studio and art gallery in Koh Phangan, Thailand

My studies in fine art enable me to offer various styles for your tattoo:

  • Custom design, real-art tattoos
  • Sak Yant, Traditional Asian Art and Japanese style tattoos
  • Realistic tattoos, Watercolor tattoos
  • Fine Line, Old & New School, Minimal tattoos
  • Improvements to existing tattoos

Whichever type you choose, I will create a real artwork for your body that fits your style and that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

The process of applying the tattoo to your body is just like creating a piece of art. Combining workmanship, skill, creativity and an understanding of your individual needs, the tattoo evolves beyond the draft to become your unique masterpiece.

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