Our service

What about hygiene? 

Hygiene and safety are of utmost importance. All tattoos are professionally performed in a clean and sanitary environment. I exclusively use new, sterile needles. Also, all other tools (for example razors, color cups) are new and single-use. Naturally, I use single-use gloves but I also cover all areas that may be touched during my work with protective films to eliminate any chance for infection. 

Highest-quality ink 

I am exclusively using inks of the highest quality purchased from authorized distributors. 

How to get your tattoo?

First of all you need to contact me to review your project. Depending on your requirements, I will come up with an unique design for your tattoo based on your ideas or I will apply any required modifications to your chosen motive. Once you are satisfied with my design, we will set one or more appointments for the tattooing. At this point, I require a deposit and, in case you are under 18, a written permission by your parents/guardian. After completing the tattoo, I will apply a protective film and provide you with instructions on how to care for your new tattoo. If you are available, we will have a follow-up appointment after two weeks at our tattoo shop to review your tattoo. At this time, I will also make any corrections if needed.


The prices of of my tattoos depend on various factors (for example complexity, size and colors). I will be happy to discuss your tattoo and quote a price.


  • Custom design, real-art tattoos
  • Sak Yant, Traditional Asian Art and Japanese style tattoos
  • Realistic tattoos, Watercolor tattoos
  • Fine Line, Old & New School, Minimal tattoos
  • Improvements to existing tattoos

Whichever type you choose, I will create a real artwork for your body that fits your style and that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Motive development 

Creating your tattoo is more than adding a work of art to your body. It is important that the tattoo fits the shape and size of your body. That’s why I develop the draft for your tattoo under consideration of the shape and size of your body but also further personalize the draft using computer technology. Nevertheless, the process of applying the tattoo to your body is just like creating a piece of art. Combining workmanship, skill, creativity and an understanding of your individual needs, the tattoo evolves beyond the draft to become your unique masterpiece.

Unique tattoos are a two-step process: I first create a un​ique drawing according to your individual needs and requests, then I use the drawing as a template stencil in tattooing your body. If you would like to choose your motive from existing designs we can assist you to find the right motive to fit your idea. Or we can adapt your chosen motive to match your needs and your choice of positioning. 

Every tattoo has an evolution because we are working on living skin which is changing over the time.

Art has been a part of me for over three decades. Creating art on the human body and the art of tattoos have always been of special interest to me. 

1991 - 1995 College of Fine Arts / Bangkok 

1995 - 1999 Studies of Fine Arts in Bangkok 

2005 - 2009 Tattoo artist at my studio in Munich, Germany 

2009 - now Tattoo studio and art gallery in Koh Phangan, Thailand